Walkera HM Hoten X FPV (2.4Ghz FPV Edition)

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The Perfect Spy - Hoten X with Walkera FPV System
This is what we always wanted, to fly an aircraft in first person view. Walkera have this easy to use FPV system installed on the Hoten X, with the real time video feed makes you feel like sitting in the cockpit and actually "Flying" it. The video range is about 200-300 meters in open space, that should cover most player's need. The DEVO F7 transmitter has a 3.5" color LCD screen, the video quality is pretty good, you can fly the aircraft by just looking at the screen. You can flip the Gear switch on the transmitter to Start and Stop video recording, it will save the video on a Micro SD card onboard the drone, that makes it a good spying gadget =).

Stability is off the scale, see for yourself...

Cool blue LED Lights plus beautifully printed canopy! So beautiful...

Flashing Red Lights to emulate the engine

Walkera FPV System Installed!

6-Axis Gyro in the house!

The 6-Axis Gyro has built-in accelerometer, not just detect all angle movement, also in vertical, lateral, and longitudinal, which makes the Hoten X most stable Quad ever!

Hoten X is not just a ordinary toy, it's a well engineered art-piece!

Quiet, stable and it gives real time video feed back to the transmitter, that's SPY stuff!

Great finishing and well chosen combination on the power system

Nice control, easy to fly and fun to fly

The Hoten X is very stable and extremely easy to fly, even if you are a first time flyer, you can still get it off the ground. (Indoor and mild outdoor)

Record video with Micro SD Card

There is a 4GB card included, should be fine with most users.

5.8Ghz Video Transmitting Module

5.8Ghz frequency is common for video transfer, this gives less chance in jamming other device for better video quality.

7-Channel transmitter with a built-in monitor

Sometimes ago we usually Zip Tie the FPV monitor on the transmitter, all the wires are coming out, very ugly and bulky. Now Walkera built the monitor and transmitter together.

DEVO F7 Features :
1). DSSS coding, random search for receiver or Fixed ID with the receiver.
2). 5.8Ghz Video Module
3). Able to upgrade with USB cable
4). Adjust output power for difference needs (max 100mw)
5). Wireless Transfer Memory Data with another DEVO F7 and Trainer Function.
6). Up to 15 memories
7). 3.5" LCD Screen
8). Well design body for long time operation
9). Adjustable length for control sticks
10). Stick Mode from 1 to 4
11). Plane Mode or Helicopter Mode

DEVO F7 Specification :
1). Channel : 7-Channel
2). Frequency: 2.4Ghz(DSSS) for aircraft control, 5.8Ghz for Video transfer
3). Output power : <= 100mw
4). Power consumption : <= 500mA
5). Battery: 7.4V 800mah

This package includes :
1. ☑ your OWN 7.4V Li-Po battery for the transmitter)
2. ☑ Pre-assembled Hoten X Quadcopter w/ FPV System
3. ☑ Battery Charger and Power Supply (100V~240V)

( Suitable for your country )
4. ☑ Storm 7.4V 1200mAh 25C Li-Po Battery
5. ☑ 4GB Micro SD Card w/Adapter
6. ☑ Instruction Manual (In a CD-ROM)
7. ☑ 3.5mm Banana to 2mm Banana Adapter
8. ☑ (With this you can use Storm 7.4V 1200mah T-Join Battery)
9. ☑ Extra 4 X Rotors

Hoten X Specification :
1. Main Rotor Diameter : 186mm
2. ESC : WK-WST-16A4
3. Gyro : 6 Axis Gyro
4. Overall Length : 266mm
5. Transmitter : DEVO F series
6. Brushless Motor : WK-WS-26-004
7. Fuselage width : 266mm
8. Receiver : RX2635H-D
9. Battery : 7.4V 1000~1200mAh Li-Po

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