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Walkera Aibao - it's not only a 4K video GPS drone, it's a Game drone as well
Fly it and play Augmented Reality game on Aibao AR App!
The Walkera Aibao is a unique product, it's a great 4K video GPS drone and a one of a kind "Game" drone two-in-one.

For the video drone section, it has a reliable GPS system and advanced flight controller which gives you excellent stability and accurate altitude hold, it does all the routine flying job very well with useful function like "Point-of-interest" and Waypoint, it has them all. Onboard is a 4K video camera and Digital Video Transmission system which gives you stunning video image at maximum 1.5km range, it can perform video recording and photo shooting (4640 x 3480).

For the game drone section, the Aibao App (for iOS and Android device) is the soul of the system, it allows you to play AR game which you have the real-time video feeds on the mobile device, and the App will overlay graphics on the video feeds, play AR games like flying through Air Gates, collecting gold coins and even perform an Air Combat, this is something special!

One of a kind Game drone

Excellent 4K video GPS drone with portable size

Cartridge battery gives you maximum 18 mins of flight time

DEVO-F8E Digital Transmitter for Video Transmission and Remote Control

It's NOT analog video signal, it's Digital!

Turn the Aibao to a AR game drone with the Aibao App

Two colors available : White or Black (Special color)

Aibao Aircraft Specifications :
  • Main Rotor Dia : 186mm
  • Overall (L x W x H) : 230x230x151mm
  • Weight : 570g
  • Remote Controller : DEVO-F8E
  • Receiver : DEVO-RX719
  • Main Controller : FCS-280 AIBAO
  • Brushless Motor : WK-WS-28-014B(CW/CCW)
  • Battery : 7.6V 5200mAh 5C 2S LiPo
  • Flight Time : About 18mins
  • Working Temperature : -10℃ ~ +40℃

4K Camera :
  • Image sensor : 1/2.3 Inch SONY Effective pixels 16 million
  • Lens FOV : 100° F2.2-2.8 Focus infinity
  • Max photo resolution : 16M(4640 x 3480)
  • Max video resolution : 4k/25p
  • Video container : MP4/MOV (H.264)
  • Photo container : JPG
  • Support : Micro SD Card Maximum capacity 64G
  • Working Temperature : -10℃ ~ +40℃

Walkera DEVO-F8E Transmitter :
  • Overall : (L x W x H) 165x174x62mm
  • Working frequency : 2.4G
  • Signal range : 1.5 KM
  • Built-in battery : 7.4V 3000mAh Li-po 2S

This package includes :

1. ☑ Fully Assembled Walkera Aibao GPS drone
2. ☑ Walkera DEVO-F8E transmitter
3. ☑ 7.6V 5200mAh 5C 2S LiPo
4. ☑ Battery charger
5. ☑ 4pcs Clockwise Propeller (2 of them are spare)
6. ☑ 4pcs Counter-Clockwise Propeller (2 of them are spare)
7. ☑ USB Cable

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Many online drone sellers don’t check or calibrate their products at all, as it requires experienced RC pilots and is time consuming. The HeliPal.com team checks and calibrates every aircraft, battery and battery charger to ensure that everything is in great condition before it is shipped to you!

HeliPal.com sends you the correct power adapters and frequency!

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* Please read the manual carefully for GPS and compass calibration before flying.

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