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Fully immersed in the flying experience - presenting the big screen Walkera Goggle 4
It's really exciting with First Person View experience, it's like watching a big TV few feet away from you in a dark room, which gives you a cock-pit like feeling. Built-in 5.8Ghz Video Receiver with dual antennas for better reception, 40-channels including Race Band (R Band). There is a battery pack (7.4V 1200mah Li-Po) mounted on the strap, it has a ON / NFF switch on it, so no more messy cable and battery hanging around like other products. The box also has a charger included (100~240V AC charger), just connect it to the battery pack and it will the job.

This goggle have a AV Input / Output port, you can use the goggle as Video Receiver to pick up video feeds and output to TV monitor to see, or use it as a playback device, like you connect a video player to the goggle and see it thru the google.

Dual Antenna for better reception

Included a battery pack on the strap

Great quality and comfortable big screen FPV experience

Easy access menu and channel selection

  • Image resolution : Actine array 3 x 800 x 480 pixels
  • Pixel Size : 45um x 135um / color dots pitch
  • Virtual image size : 60 inches
  • Distance of exit pupil : 30mm
  • Power voltage : DC 5V
  • Built-in battery : 7.4V 1200mah Li-Po
  • Work time : >120 minutes
  • Size : 184 x 149 x 144mm (length x width x height)
  • Weight : 528g (included battery)
  • Working environment : 0℃- -45℃
  • Storage Conditions : -20℃ -70℃

Frequency Chary

This package includes :
1. ☑ 1 X Walkera Goggle 4
2. ☑ 1 X Box shape antenna
3. ☑ 1 X Stick antenna
4. ☑ 1 X USB power cable
5. ☑ 1 X 100~240V DC 15V / 2.0A charger

Suitable for : • 5.8Ghz FPV System

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