Transmitter Battery Pack for DJI Phantom

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Looking for rechargeable battery for your Phantom's transmitter? Here it is!
This is a kit with 3 separate parts, a 3.7V Li-Po Battery, a 3.7V to 5V Step Up Module and a USB charger. Very simple to use, with this kit you can throw away the AA batteries. Just open up the transmitter, unplug the old AA battery connector, and replace with the Step Up Module, that's it, nothing else need to setup. The 3.7V Li-Po battery will be stepped up and become a 5V battery, when fully charge it will power the transmitter for about 1~1.5 hour, after that you just take the battery out and plug that to the supplied USB charger, you can plug that into any computer to recharge, simple!

Voltage step up module

It turns 3.7V Li-Po into 5V power supply for the Phantom Transmitter

3.7V 1800mah Li-Po Battery

Thru the voltage step up module, it gives you about 1~1.5 hour of usage.


Recharge the 3.7V Li-Po thru USB

That means you plug this into your computer and you can recharge the battery, how convenient!

How to install?

Very easy, open up the transmitter, unplug the old AA Battery plug, instead, plug in the step up module, that's all!

- 1 X 3.7V to 5V Step Up Module (Walkera Battery Standard, DO NOT use with Nine Eagles Battery)
- 1 X 3.7V 1800mah Li-Po Battery
- 1 X USB Charger

Designed for : DJI Phantom

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