Training Kit for 210-280 class Racing Drones

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AirySKU: Airy-Acc-LP-0125-4MM

Your drone arm's thickness: 4mm thick (we'll give you M3 X 10mm screws)
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Great tool for every beginners
Training kits are common in the RC helicopter world, and finally there is a racing drone version available now. Such simple but clever tool, for a beginner you'll practice hovering a start doing some causal flying, when you're close to object and this training kit helps you a lot, extended arms and sponge balls prevent the drone from tipping over and damage the propellers and they give you a soft landing.

Good for 210 to 280 class racing drone

Easy installation (just need a 2.0mm Hex screw driver to install)

Includes :
4 x Extended Arms
4 x Sponge Balls
4 x Sponge Ball Support
20 x M3 Screws (8mm or 10mm, depends)

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