Tarot TL96030 Electric Landing Gear

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Full Metal medium-sized electric retractable landing gear using 6061T6 aluminum CNC machining process for T810 / T960 / 810 Sport / 960 Sport and other multi-axis DIY use unmanned aerial vehicles (need to add drilling two M3 mounting holes). This is the similar products in the highest degree of product integration, the overall design of the structure is simple, quick and easy installation, small footprint. Exclusive ordered large torque motors reliable and durable performance.

This is One Set Only!!
You will need Two sets for your drone and a Landing Gear Controller (TL8X002) to connect these gears.

Full Metal medium-sized electric retractable landing control group: 115 × 34 × 36.5mm, weight: 77g
Pipe Clamp on Φ25mm metal: 39 × 12.3 × 10mm), Pitch Φ23MM
Φ25mm metal hose clamp under the seat: 39 × 16.3 × 10mm, Pitch M28mm
Φ25mm 3K Pure Carbon Tube: Φ25 × 23 × 349mm
Φ16mm 3K Pure Carbon Tube: Φ16 × 14 × 445mm

Suitable for : Tarot T810 / T960 / T810 Sport and T960 Sport Frame

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