TL68A13 Tarot T-2D Gimbal Adapter for DJI Phantom

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Now you can put Tarot T-2D gimbal on DJI Phantom!

This is an adapter for the T-2D Gimbal (new version only, using plastic damper plate), and attach the T-2D gimbal onto the DJI Phantom 1 belly, it's a direct fit and NO NEED to do any DIY or modification on the Phantom, just use 2 screws to secure this adapter on the Phantom's belly. Please remember because the T-2D is quite a tall gimbal, you'll need to increase the height of the landing skids for a few cm, we used some big Zip Ties on the legs to make the drone 1cm taller.

Some tricks for installing on the Phantom's belly
You need to remove the T-2D circuit board from the gimbal first, then you can access the screw that securing the adapter with the Phantom's belly, you'll know what I'm saying when you get your hands on it.

This is how you do it :

1 x Carbon Adapter Plate
2 x Flat head screws
1 x Socket-head Cap Screw


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