TL65B08 4 in 1 Hub (Male)

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Description :
Tarot 4 in 1 Hub, TAROT's self-designed multi-axis CNC hub with environmentally friendly materials integrated processing, in line with RHOS standard. Applicable to multi-axis aircraft power supply first integrated, 24K gold plating of the surface of the hub, the thickness of 8u, in support of the thousand-swappable, can be stable at high current, constant temperature discharge. Wave slotted welding point design increases the the solder contact surface, effectively prevent solder Weld. Interlocking non-slip design to prevent shock loose top, only 0.2 mm from the edge of the line the lightweight of processing limit. Can be used directly as banana female. We have plenty Tarot FY680 parts.

Includes :
- 24K gold-plated hub / male x 1
- M2 x 5mm Cup head hex screw x 1
- The M3.5 Banana (female) x 1
- Heat shrink tubing x 1 (10mm)

Suitable for : Tarot FY650 / FY680

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