Tarot TL150F1 RSFSB 8-Ch 2.4Ghz S-FHSS / FHSS Receiver

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This is a 2.4Ghz 8-Channel receiver with S.Bus port and compatible with Futaba S-FHSS and FHSS protocol, you can bind it with your Futaba T6J / T8J / T10J / T14SG / T18SZ / 18MZ transmitter. It's so small and light weigh (4.5g) that you can fit it on palm size FPV racers and connect with CC3D or CleanFlight flight controllers.

  • Output Channel : 8-Channel
  • Port : S.Bus
  • Protocol : Futaba S-FHSS / FHSS
  • Input Voltage : 5V-8V
  • Working Temperature range : -10-80℃
  • Dimension : 36 X 19 X 7 mm
  • Weight : 4.5g
Binding procedures :
  1. Make sure your transmitter signal is S-FHSS or FHSS mode
  2. Connect battery to receiver, there should be Red LEDon the receiver
  3. Turn on your Futaba transmitter, receiver should have green LED flashing
  4. Press and hold the link button for 3 seconds, the LED on the receiver should turn sold Green, that means binding successful
* WARNING : If there are many S-FHSS systems near by, please DO NOT proceed on binding. To avoid any accident, please double check whether your receiver is really bound to your transmitter and NOT to the others near by

Suitable for : Futaba T6J / T8J / T10J / T14SG / T18SZ / 18MZ transmitter

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