Tarot 8055 Carbon Propellers (Two Holes / CW and CCW)

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Tarot is one of the largest propeller maker in the drone industry. Their props is a bit thicker compare with others and came with smooth glossy surface, best of all is their blended winglet, this design increase the efficiency the propeller by 13%

Unique Blended Winglet Design

Specifications :
- Blended Winglet increase efficiency by 13%
- Stronger design in the center, increases the strength and efficiency.
- 100% carbon TORAY 3K pure carbon fiber applied .
- Well-balanced from factory .
- Optimized propeller efficiency and loading stability .
- Diameter : 8 inch
- Pitch : 5.5 inch
- Weight: 5.6g / PCS
- Hole diameter: 4mm (middle), 3mm (side)
- Distance from hole to hole: 12mm

Suitable for : 1-2kg Drones

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