Tarot TL250H "Time Traveler" Racing Drone Airframe

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Enjoy flying a racing drone, and enjoy building one
The Tarot TL250H has a cool looking canopy, made with Semi Carbon Fiber and lightweight (135g only), motor to motor is 250mm in length and ready for 1806 brushless motor, power to weight ratio is excellent, perfect for Racing or hardcare 3D aerobatic flying. Wiring is easy, there is a PCB board underneath the lower deck and you can solder ESC and FPV system on this board, no more messy cables inside the frame. For the upper canopy, you can open it like a the bonnet of a car, you gain access to the electronics, this is a nice touch for repairing.

Building it is a joy, and is a fairly easy task for experienced RC players with the included English Manual. Note that this is the Airframe only, you will need a many equipment to get it to fly, please refer to the lower part of this page.

Well thought layout and easy to build

250 Class Racing Drone in a light weight, clever and simple design

Differece bewteen TL250H and TL280H
Both made of semi carbon fiber, just the Arms are difference, TL250H is shorter, and use with 1806 motor, TL280H is longer and use 2204~2206 motor.

Different color canopies for your drone

What you need to build a Ready to Fly Racing Drone:
  • 1 X Airframe (You're looking at it)
  • 4 X 1806 Brushless Motors (recommend 2000kv ~ 2300kv)
  • 4 X ESC (Recommend 12A~20A)
  • 2 X CW Propeller (5")
  • 2 X CCW Propeller (5")
  • 1 X Flight Controller (Recommend CC3D)
  • 1 X Tarot TL300M (Pal) / 1 X Tarot TL300MN (NTSC) Camera
  • 1 X FPV Video Transmitter
  • 1 X Radio Controller Set (At least 5 channels)
  • 1 X 11.1V 2200mah Li-Po battery (size no more than 120mm(L) x 37mm (W) / 27.5mm (H))
  • 1 X Battery charger
  • Some accessories like Battery Connectors and Tools...

Specifications :

  • Motor to motor length : 250mm
  • Dimension (frame only) : 220mm (w) x 203mm (l)x 90.4mm (h)
  • Frame weight : 135g
  • All-up-weight : 505~510g (with 11.1V 2200mah battery)
This package includes :
1. ☑ 1 X Tarot TL250H Airframe
2. ☑ 1 X Assembly manual

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