Tarot T18 Octocopter Set

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Very Big 1250mm Size Octocopter Frame Set by Tarot
Great to carry Prosumer or DSLR camera for long time filming.

Why play big? Because when it comes to flying object, the bigger the aircraft, the more stable it is. This T18 is a Foldable 1250 size octocopter, it's even bigger with propellers installed. The drone itself is made with top end material, 3K Carbon Fiber Plates and Tubes, Aluminum CNC machined parts everywhere, especially the Motor Mount, they are awesome, machined from one big block of aluminum and then anodized with Orange an Black, plus a thick carbon fiber plate as the motor base mount. It has two battery plates on top, you can put 2 X 22.2 5500mah batteries (or more), and you should get more than 15 minutes of flight time. Considering you are carrying heavy payload (e.g. DSLR camera or bigger), this is a long flight time.

One meter class octocopter

Bigger drone gives you better stability and more payload capability.

It's huge, but still portable!

Fold it up in 3 minutes.

No tools needed for folding it up

They are hand tightening screw, no tools needed.

High end material to keep it light weight and strong

Carbon Fiber and CNC Aluminum everywhere!

Battery mount on top

Able to carry two huge batteries on top, however, please remember to put similar weight of payload underneath to get good balance.

Large ground clearance

You can put a lot of things down there.

Enlarge this photo

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165mm Rail Mount

Different from T15, the T18 has 165mm rail system, this is Tarot's own standard, and will support Tarot's own Brushless Gimbal (coming soon).

Foldable Landing Skids

Easy to fold them up for transportation.

Circuit Diagram
It is not a Ready-To-Fly Edition. You have to install it yourself. However, it is not difficult to install this hexacopter. The following is the circuit diagram. You can click to enlarge this diagram.

* The hexacopter in this video is a T810. It is for your reference only

Please pick a power combo
Tarot 16kg AUW (2kg/arm) Combo
This propulsion system is the economical and reliable choice to carry an all-up-weight of 16kg into the air (2kg/arm).

Specifications :
  • Arms Dia : 25mm
  • Motor to motor dia. : 1200mm
  • Height : 380cm
  • Body size : 250 x 240mm
  • Motor mounting holes : 16mm / 19mm / 25mm / 27mm (triangle)
Recommended configuration :
  • Motor : Tarot 5008 / 340kv
  • ESC : Hobbywing XRotor 40A-OPTO
  • Propeller : Best with Tarot 1855 Carbon Propellers
  • Flight Controller : DJI A2, WKM or NAZA V2
  • Radio Set : FrSky Taranis X9D Plus
  • Carrying : Tarot DSLR Gimbal or Gopro Brushless Motor Gimbal or DJI Z15 Brushless Gimbal, Storm or FPV System, Camera
  • Remarks : For this T18, you need many wires to solder the motors and servo extension cable to connect with flight controller. You need to have RC knowledge for this drone.
This package includes :
1. ☑ T18 Frame (Wires and electronics are sold separately)
2. ☑ Landing Skids
3. ☑ Some Stickers
4. ☑ Assemble Manual

This is Airframe only!
You need to put many electronics on it yourself, namely Motors, ESC, Flight Controller, FPV, Radio Controller, Camera Gimbal and Propellers, they are NOT easy stuff for beginners, so we recommend this airframe for those who can solder stuff and willing to put things together. This is a professional thing for movie grade video shooting, not a toy!!

What you'll need to build this X8 Octocopter?
You see this is the X8 Frame only, you'll need the right electronics to build this, these are the items :
  • 8 X Brushless motors (At leaset 40mm diameter class)
  • 4 X 15"~16" Clowckwise Propellers
  • 4 X 15"~16" Counter-Clowckwise Propellers
  • 8 X 40A ESC
  • 1 X Flight Controller w/ GPS function
  • 1 X Radio Controller
  • 1 X 22.2V 12000mah battery or above
  • 1 X 6S Li-Po battery charger
  • 1 X FPV System (optional)
  • 1 X Tarot Camera Gimbal (for Canon 5D or GoPro, (optional)
About the Drone's Battery
You will need 6S 12000mah~22000mah to fly this big drone which is a huge battery pack. Because of Airlines Safety Regulation, Helipal does not ship battery this big at this moment, you need to get it somewhere close to you.

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