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If your Helicopter does not fly very stable or vibrating a lot, or you see a "Double Blade" effect on the main rotor, there could be many reasons. One of the big reason is the weight of the two main blades are not the same.

Let's face it, all main blade is a little bit different even with same spec, you could have a pair of main blade with different weight, when they are put on the rotor, spinning will magnify the weight difference and cause the helicopter to vibrate. That's why you need to balance the blade.

The balancer is made with CNC Aluminum, support with a steel shaft with ball bearings and 2 pieces of real 3K Carbon fiber, very smooth and great finishing, designed to balance different size of Main Blade.

If you want to make your Helicopter perfectly stable, you have to balance the weight of the main blades. This is very important. This is how we balanced the blade.

If the weight between two blades are not balanced, try to add a transparent tape to different position on the lighter blades:

Many experienced players said, "Blade balancer is a must item for rc helicopter hobby."

Specifications :
- For Blade with mounting hold of M2~M5 Size

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