Tarot 8110 High Efficiency Brushless Motor (115kv)

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Tarot's international standard aerospace aluminium raw material, with high precision CNC machining. Imported tungsten steel tools are used to ensure machining accuracy,and each one is inspected by strict quality standards to ensure consistency from batch to batch. Lightweight, high tensile strength, high strength and heat dissipation are the new design concepts for the 8110-115KV. The rotor is tuned to optimum performance using a high-precision dynamic balancer, with imported bearings and fully hand-wound. Each motor is dynamically and statically tested before leaving the factory to ensure consistency.

  • Product Model: 8110
  • Motor KV: 115KV
  • Motor size: Φ87*29mm
  • Weight: 300g
  • No-load current(A)@20V: 0.5A
  • Number of battery sections: 12S
  • Motor mounting hole distance: Φ32mm
  • Propeller: 25-26 inch
  • 1x Tarot 8110-115KV brushless motor
  • 1x Metal Prop clamp
  • 4x M3*8mm Socket-head cup screws

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