T-Motor U10 Plus Brushless Motor (100kv / Efficiency Type)

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What does the U Efficiency motor best for, and why?
"U Efficiency" motors (from U-series) are aimed for high end UAVs requiring long endurance. This kind of UAVs are usually for surveillance, cruise, security and protection, surveying and mapping. "U Efficiency" motors will reach a max. value in terms of “Efficiency” at a point, but when it comes to the max. thrust, the "U Efficiency" motor is not comparable to “U Power” motor types.

Specifcations (Click to enlarge)

Specifcations (Click to enlarge)

Specifcations (Click to enlarge)

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We do not keep stock for big motors like this, we'll place a factory order and it takes about a few days to one month depends on aviliability.

For bulk purchase
Please contact us at info@helipal.com or helipal@gmail.com, thank you.

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