T-Motor MN4110 Brushless Motor (300kv)

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What does the Navigator motor best for, and why?
"Navigator" motors are for general uses such as aerial photography. The newly released MN501-S, MN505-S, MN601-S, MN605-S, MN701-S, MN705-S, MN801-S and MN805-S have extended the application to VTOL (Vertical take-off and landing)

  • For multi-rotors, VTOL and fixed wings
  • 5% more efficient on 1kg-2.5kg
  • 5% more thrust on 100% throttle
  • Heat flux increases by 18%

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We do not keep stock for big motors like this, we'll place a factory order and it takes about a few days to one month depends on aviliability.

For bulk purchase
Please contact us at info@helipal.com or helipal@gmail.com, thank you.

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