T-Motor MN4006 Antigravity Brushless Motor (380kv / Storm Edition)

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* This is the motor used in Storm Drone AntiGravity, they are the same with ordinary T-Motor MN4006, the only difference is that they came already soldered with 3.5mm bullet plug, this saves you some work.

Longer flight time and better handling, just like putting a high performance engine in your car
T-Motor makes the ultimate motor for drones, with their motors you can carry heavier payload and have longer flight time, this seems too good to be true, but yes, they can! T-Motor gives you such outstanding performance because they have are much more efficiency than others, they are good in turning electricity into motor rotation, less heat, less energy consumption. It's easy to understand why, they picked the best material like Japan EZO bearings, oxygen-free copper wires and hand winding them onto the static rotor, the result is obvious, like a good cook meets good ingredient, it's all reasonable, however, you know what's the trade off - the price tag.

But hey, T-Motor is the Ferrari in drone's world, either you'll love them or you'll hate them, love their ultimate performance or hate the expensive price tag.

It is better built and use better material than many other motors

It's easy to know, a good cook meets good ingredient you'll get a better dish.

T-Motor makes the best motor for multirotors, period!

By using their motors, the drone flies better, longer and carries more load, what more do you want for a motor upgrade?

- KV : 380kv
- Poles : 24
- Max Continuous current(A)180S : 16A
- Max Continuous Power(W)180S : 380W
- No. of Li-Po cell : 6S
- Idle current(10)@10v(A) : 0.3A
- Internal resistance : 194mΩ
- Motor Dimensions(Dia.*Len) : Φ44.35 x21mm
- Shaft Dia. 3.175mm
- Weight : 66g
- Cable length : 4.8cm
- Mounting Hole : 25mm X 25mm
- Recommended Propeller Size : 14~15 inch
- Recommended Thrust : 1kg per axis
- Recommended ESC : At least 30A

This package includes :
1. ☑ 2 X T-Motor Antigravity MN4006-380KV Motor w/ 3.5mm bullet plug (Storm Edition)
2. ☑ 1 X CW Propeller Mount Set
3. ☑ 1 X CCW Propeller Mount Set
4. ☑ 2 X Propeller Mounting Spacer
5. ☑ 4 X Propeller Mounting Screws
6. ☑ 8 X Motor Mounting Screws

Suitable for : 2kg~6kg take-off-weight 4~8 Rotor Drones with 13-15" propeller

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