T-Drones SMART.H-B Frame Set

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T-Drones SMART.H - Specially designed for FPV players
Simple design, solid structure, highly durable and easy to repair, the SMART.H-B is a great frame for all FPV players, well thought PCB layout makes it joy to build, compatible with most Flight Controllers (with or without GPS). And the best part of the SMART.H drone is that they came installed with the famous T-Motor Air Gear 200 Propulsion System, no doubt about the reliability and performance, it's one safe choice for many experts and commercial users.

Features of the SMART.H (Type-B) frame
  • Included the famous T-Motor Air Gear 200 Propulsion System which is very efficient with high payload, gives you longer flight time
  • Pre-assembled Arms with ESC and Motor, saves you lots of time
  • PCB board main frame, easy soldering
  • Optimized for GPS system, easy installing


A frame designed and manufactured by the motor giant - T-Motors

Works perfectly with GPS Flight Controllers (e.g. DJI NAZA Lite or NAZA V2)

Powerful T-Motor Air Gear 200 Propulsion System

Removable Propellers - They are Self-Tightening, yo can remove them without tools for easier transportation

Excellent craftsmanship, expect nothing less from T-Motor's own boy

T-Drones SMART.H Type-B Specifications :
  • Frame Weight : 230g
  • Axial Base : 380mm
  • All-up-weight (Max): 120g
  • Flight Time : 10~18 mins
  • Motor : Air 2205 2000kv
  • ESC : Air 15A
  • Propeller : T-Motor 6535 Self-Tightening Propeller
  • Flight Controller (Recommended) : DIJ NAZA Lite / NAZA V2 w/ GPS
  • Battery (Recommended) : 11.1V 2000~4400mah Li-Po Battery
  • Ground Clearance : 50mm (You can hang a FPV camera on the belly)

This package includes :

1. ☑ T-Drones SMART.H-B Frame Set
2. ☑ 6pcs Air 15A ESC
3. ☑ 6pcs Air 2205 2000kv Motor
4. ☑ 3pcs 6535 Self-Tightening Propeller (CW)
5. ☑ 3pcs 6535 Self-Tightening Propeller (CCW)
5. ☑ Accessories (e.g. foam tapes, zip)

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