STORM Racing Drone (SRD6-GPS / NAZA V2)

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[30-Oct-19 Updated] DJI iOSD Mini was discontinued so it will not include in the drone

Free Upgrade to JFRC U2306 Mini Motor (1800KV), T-Motor F 35A 32bit 3-6S ESC, TBS TRIUMPH Antenna and RunCam Split 4 4K Camera

The racing drone with DJI NAZA V2 GPS system installed - just like having a Co-Pilot beside you
Storm SRD6-GPS Storm Spec Edition
Flying a fast race drone could be a challenge, is there an easy way to enjoy the FPV racing experience? Yes, let's swap the BetaFlight controller with the legendary DJI NAZA V2 system, it's like putting a Co-Pilot beside you which corrects your mistake and having the drone in control all the time, giving you a no stress flying experience, FPV flying has never been easier. What if you have the drone flown too far? Don't worry, trigger Fail-Safe and the drone can Auto Return Home, how's that for safety? The DJI NAZA V2 system is commonly used for high-end aerial filming platform, it's famous in stability and reliability, from hobby grade to business grade, many users have chosen it for the job.

SRD6-GPS features :
  • On board DJI NAZA V2 GPS system - It can auto hover, auto return home and it's super stable!
  • GPS mode and Altitude mode, enjoy FPV racing step by step
  • Built DJI iOSD Mini shows you the flight data on the video screen, such as battery voltage, height, speed and headings *sold separately
  • Using RunCam Split 4 Camera - a 140° FPV cam and HD recorder 2-in-1, it can record 4K/30fps video while you fly
  • Camera can tilt down, this is specially made for GPS race drones which you'll find this very useful
  • Compatible with 6" propellers
  • Custom made carbon fiber frame to fit with NAZA V2 system, it has a clean layout and tidy wiring
  • Unibody airframe with 4mm main plate and 2mm top plate
  • Thanks to the efficient propulsion system, you'll have 12 mins of quality flight time
  • 7075 Aluminum screws included, 50% lighter than steel and iron screws
  • "Bumpers" on the end of the arms to protect the motor during a crash
No stress FPV experience
FPV race drones give you the thrill and excitement, but that speed requires lots of practicing and makes you wonder, how to start this hobby? The SRD GPS series are made for those who wants a glimpse of the FPV racing, this drone is the easy version of speedy racing drone.

Co-pilot on board
With the help of the DJI NAZA V2 GPS system it's like having a co-pilot around, it helps to maintain altitude and you just focus on the direction control and enjoy the pure FPV experience. When you have flown too far or you feel you want to take a break, simply let go of the control, it goes Auto Hover, and you can trigger Fail-Safe and it will Auto Return Home, how's that for a race drone?


* for Auto Return Home, please make sure you have good GPS reception signal and only perform it in open ground.
Stability and Agility
Highly efficient motors and propellers are controlled by NAZA V2 GPS system, fly in high speed and long flight time the easy way.

6" props with best motor combination
Storm tried countless combination to find the best performance and efficiency, expect nothing less from Storm Racing Drones.

Custom made airframe for NAZA V2 system
Storm has lots of know-how in building FPV race drone, the SRD GPS frame is custom designed for DJI NAZA V2 GPS system, you can see the well-thought layout and clean wiring.

* full of 7075 aluminum screws, Storm always pay attention on details.
Camera can tilt down, you'll like it for GPS flying
We listen to customers, sometimes you want to fly this GPS drone higher and enjoy some view, you'll need a camera that can tilt down.

World class FPV racer, ready to fly!
In a hurry to get into the air? We build it for you.
* RC transmitter and receiver are optional.

SRD6-GPS Components

  • DJI NAZA V2 GPS System
  • Mateksys FCHUB-6S w/ Current sensor, BEC 5V & 10V
  • JFRC U2306 Mini Motor (1800KV)
  • T-Motor F 35A 32bit 3-6S ESC BLHeli_32 w/ Dshot
  • RunCam Split 4 FPV Camera + HD Recorder
  • EWRF TS5823 Pro 5.8Ghz VTX (200mw)
  • TBS Triumph FPV Antenna
  • HQ Prop 6 X 4.5 Propeller

Quality built by Storm, with lots of nice touch

Proudly made by Storm racing team.

Storm SRD6-GPS Specifications :

  • All-up-weight : 549g
  • Dimension : 230mm (L) x 295mm (W) x 45mm (H) (w/o battery and GPS antenna)
  • Motor to motor : 295mm
  • Battery : Recommend 4S 1800 35C or above LiPo (* sold separately)
  • RC transmitter : optional
  • RC receiver : optional

This package includes :
1. ☑ Fully Assembled SRD6-GPS
2. ☑ 6pcs CW HQ Prop 6 X 4.5 propeller
3. ☑ 6pcs CCW HQ Prop 6 X 4.5 propeller
4. ☑ Battery mat
5. ☑ Storm lipo strap
6. ☑ Storm neoprene landing pads
7. ☑ 3-in-1 Multi-nut Wrench (10mm / 8mm / 5.5mm)
8. ☑ FREE 1x 8GB Micro SD Card for HD recording (Class 10)

* RC Transmitter sold separately
* Battery sold separately
* Charger sold separately

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