STORM Racing Drone SRD325 Frame Set (5~7" / 6mm)

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Updated to 6mm replaceable arms

The special drone for our friends in Spain for DCL (Drone Champions League) - meet the Storm SRD325
Just days before the DLC 2018 race day, Storm worked hard with our long time friends and pro-racers in Spain - the Spain Drone Team (SDT) to develop a formulated frame specially for DCL, we worked under regulations such as motor-to-motor distance, dimensions, the number of LED lights, weight, camera system placement... etc., and we have the SRD325, compatible with 5" to 7" props

The DCL regulations requires a GoPro onboard, we place it underneath the FPV camera to get closer to the center of gravity to improve handling, Included a pair of GoPro tusk for protection (4mm carbon fiber), made to meet the DCL regulations, you can use them or not. The 3D printout fairings improves aerodynamic and very eye-catching during the flight. Replaceable 6mm carbon fiber arms, as well as the super strong 4mm sub-frame for the whole camera system (FPV camera + GoPro).

  • Motor to motor : 325mm
  • Sub-frame side plate : 4mm
  • Sub-frame bottom plate : 4mm
  • Main frame : 2mm
  • Arms : 2mm
  • Airframe weight : under 200g
  • Motor : Support 2205 to 2208 brushless motor (M3 mounting holes), recommend 2207 / 2200~2400kv
  • FC mounting : Support 30.5mm x 30.5mm
  • Propeller : Support 5~7" propeller, recommend 6"
  • Recommend battery : 4S 1800 ~ 2200mah (* sold separately)

* the white LED drone is Spain Drone Team, match starts from 2:40

* Storm is happy with the frame and SDT performed so well in DCL 2018, good job guys! =)

6mm replaceable arms
Quick swapping 6mm carbon fiber arms, important for every pro-racers.

Super strong 4mm sub-frame
We have to improve the durability for the camera system in case of crashing, the camera system and FC are protected inside the 4mm carbon fiber housing.

With or without GoPro tusk, your choice
The tusks are built for DCL regulations to protect the GoPro, they are made with super thick 4mm carbon fiber, you can use them or not.

More close-up for you to build the frame

Looks like this with fairings and cameras

  • 4x 6mm Arm
  • 2x 2mm Main Plate
  • 2x 4mm Sub-frame Side Plate
  • 1x 4mm Sub-frame Bottom Plate
  • 1x 2mm Camera Guard
  • 1x 1mm FPV Antenna Plate
  • 2x 4mm GoPro Tusk
  • 4x M2 x 6mm (for camera)
  • 2x M2 x 8mm (for FPV antenna)
  • 2x M2 nylon-inserted locknuts (for FPV antenna)
  • 10x M3 nylon-inserted locknuts (for Arms, Sub-Frame and FC)
  • 10x Nylon Standoffs (For FC)
  • 20x M3 x 8mm hex screws (for motors)
  • 1x 36mm aluminum textured spacers (for GoPro Tusk)
  • 10x 28mm aluminum textured spacers (for Frame and Sub-Frame)
  • 4x M3 x 16mm hex screws (for GoPro Tusk)
  • 8x M3 x 12mm hex screws (for Sub-Frame and Arms)
  • 3x 3D Printout Fairings (1 for top and 2 for side)
  • 2x Side Fairings (* optional color)
  • 3x LiPo straps
  • 10x Zie ties
  • 1x LiPo mat
  • 1x XT60 pig tail
  • 1x 3M double side tape

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