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The Ultra-light 3" All-rounder FPV quad that has Full-spec components like you can find on 5" racers
Meet the Storm SIRIO-X3 Storm Spec Edition
The Storm Sirio series is a lightweight airframe that specially designed to use with Runcam Micro Swift 3, which is the Smallest FPV camera that use 1/3" CCD sensor, this is a great news for all micro class players, no more blurry and dull image like you'll have on other micro class, we are talking about the best video you can get from big 5" FPV race drone, you'll have the same good quality video on this tiny drone, excellent dynamic range with vibrant color, bright image and super fast, automatic exposure control, once you've seen the video from this CCD camera, you will never go back with the old one.

Sirio-X3 frame features :
  • Palm size mini class (136mm) with 3" prop, great for both indoor and outdoor
  • Designed to use with RumCam Micro Swift 3
  • It's light weight and tiny makes it user friendly and safe to operate
  • True-X design delivers superb handling, extremely agile, fast roll and stable pitch
  • Very narrow arms improves aerodynamics
  • Under 250 g, it does not require UAS registration to fly (necessary for pilots in the US)
  • 4mm carbon fiber main frame makes it very durable!
  • Super light setup, all-up-weight 143 g only (no battery)
Fully loaded, ultralight 3" all-rounder
Everything you can find on flagship 5" FPV racer you can find it on the Storm Sirio - an ultralight 3"racer that adopts RunCam Micro Swift 3 CCD Camera which gives you excellent quality video feeds - once you've tried it, you just can't go back to the small cams!

The "miniaturized" big drone
Thanks to the latest micro components, now you'll have F4 flight controller, big CCD sensor video quality, On Screen Display (OSD), battery warning and LED, and excellent handling thru those well picked motors and propellers, consider the Sirio-X3 the smaller version of your beloved 5" racer.

Symmetrical, True-X design
Focused on performance flying, it has a symmetrical design on both Pitch and Roll axis (True-X) resulting a smoother and more precise movement while playing tricks. Unibody 4mm carbon-fiber main frame which makes it very durable, great for both FPV and LOS (Line of sight) players, easy to repair layout.

Adjustable 25mw / 100mw / 200mw / 350mw 5.8Ghz VTX
Equipped with standard size VTX like you've see on big FPV racers, expect nothing less for video quality

* use included LiPo straps to secure LiPo battery

Super strong main frame
Storm has chosen the 4mm 3K carbon fiber plate for the Sirio-X3 unibody main frame to offer maximum durability.
Remarkable power-to-weight ratio
T-Motor F1507 3800kv motor and 3" 4-blade propellers are a great combination on this lightweight Sirio-X3 frame, very fast acceleration and excellent speed, very responsive.

Sirio-X3 Storm Spec Features
  • RunCam Micro Swift CCD camera, the smallest and lightest camera with 1/3" CCD sensor like you'll have on 5" FPV racer drones, excellent video for both daylight and low-light environment
  • Built-in OSD tells you the battery voltage on the video feeds, you can configure the OSD options thru BetaFlight configurator directly, it's very easy
  • Zeus nano adjustable 25mw / 100mw / 200mw / 350mw VTX with 5.8Ghz omnidirectional linear antenna on the rear to minimize obstruction
  • The 2nd generation T-Motor F1507 Brushless Motor (3800kv), excellent performer for 3" propellers
  • Fly with both 3S or 4S LiPo to get different flight experience
  • F7 FC with BetaFlight + 4-in-1 BL_S ESC gives you extremely good stability and flight performance
Sirio-X3 Storm Spec Components
  • HGLRC Zeus F728 Stack F722 FC + 28A BL_S 4-in-1 BL32 ESC
  • T-Motor F1507 Brushless Motor (3800kv
  • RunCam Micro Swift 3 V2 FPV Camera
  • HGLRC Zeus nano VTX (25-350mw)
  • HQ Prop DP 3 X 3 X 4 PC Propeller

Lot's of nice touch, expert nothing less from Storm Racing Drones

Storm Sirio-X3 Storm Spec Specifications :
  • Airframe weight : 24.8g
  • Weight : 143g (without battery)
  • Dimension : 121mm (L) x 121mm (W) x 34mm (H) (without battery)
  • Motor to motor : 136mm
  • Propeller : HQ Prop DP 3 X 3 X 4PC Propeller
  • Recommend battery : 3S 800mah 50C to 4S 650mah 50C or above LiPo (* sold separately)
  • Battery connector : XT30
  • RC transmitter : sold separately
  • RC receiver : sold separately

This package includes :
1. ☑ Fully Assembled Sirio-X3 Storm Spec
2. ☑ 6pcs Clockwise HQ Prop DP 3 X 3 X 4PC Propeller (4 of them are spare)
3. ☑ 6pcs Counter-Clockwise HQ Prop DP 3 X 3 X 4PC Propeller (4 of them are spare)
4. ☑ Battery mat
5. ☑ Storm lipo strap
6. ☑ 3-in-1 Multi-nut Wrench (10mm / 8mm / 5.5mm)

* RC Radio System sold separately
* Battery sold separately
* Charger sold separately

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