STORM Racing Drone Sirio-X2 Frame + Canopy Set (2" / 3mm)

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2" prop micro class FPV quad with True-X design, made for RunCam Micro Swift Camera
The Storm Sirio series is a lightweight airframe that specially designed to use with Runcam Micro Swift, which is the Smallest FPV camera that use 1/3" CCD sensor, this is a great news for all micro class players, no more blurry and dull image like you'll have on other micro class, we are talking about the best video you can get from big 5" FPV race drone, you'll have the same good quality video on this tiny drone, excellent dynamic range with vibrant color, bright image and super fast, automatic exposure control, once you've seen the video from this CCD camera, you will never go back with the old one.

  • Motor to motor : 113mm True-X design
  • Main frame : 3mm
  • Airframe + canopy + frame guard weight : 26 g
  • Motor : Support 1104 or above brushless motor
  • FC mounting : Support 20mm x 20mm
  • Propeller : Support 2" propeller
  • Recommend battery : 4S 250mah~450mah (* sold separately)
Functionality and Beauty
Good design has to have both, it looks good and it's also really durable, made of 3D printed Soft TPU material which feels like hard jello.
* this kit includes the Soft TPU parts, the carbon fiber frame sold separately.

Excellent finishing
Designed by Storm in-house designers, this canopy has great finishing. Different from Nylon material, Soft TPU parts has elasticity.

Lightweight deaign
Durable parts to enhance your Sirio-X drone.

Symmetrical, True-X design
Focused on performance flying, it has a symmetrical design on both Pitch and Roll axis (True-X) resulting a smoother and more precise movement while playing tricks. Unibody 3mm carbon-fiber main frame which makes it very durable, great for both FPV and LOS (Line of sight) players, easy to repair layout.
Inside the Sirio-X2
This is how we do it.

Different colors available

Optional Nylon canopy
This is a hard Nylon material, different from flexible soft TPU material.

* Optional Metallic Plastic (Alumide) canopy

  • 1x 3mm Main Frame
  • 1x 3D printout canopy (* optional material and color)
  • 4x 3D printout frame guard (* optional color)
  • 4x 3D printout motor mat (* optional color)
  • 2x M3 X 20mm aluminum textured spacers (for frame)
  • 4x M3 X 10mm flat-head aluminum screws (for frame)
  • 2x M3 X 6mm button-head aluminum screws (for canopy)
  • 20x M2 X 5mm hex screws (for motors)
  • 10x M2 X 6mm hex screws (for propellers) (* DO NOT use them on motors!!)
  • 10x M2 X 7mm hex screws (for propellers) (* DO NOT use them on motors!!)
  • 5x M2 X 16mm flat-head screws (for FC)
  • 40x M2.5 o-rings (for FC)
  • 5x M2 locknuts (for FC)
  • 4x M2 X 5mm Nylon pillars (alternative for FC)
  • 3x LiPo straps
  • 10x Zie ties
  • 1x LiPo mat
  • 1x 3D Printout Mount for RunCam Micro Swift Camera
  • 1x 3D Printout FPV Antenna
  • 1x 3D Printout Mount for Airy Micro WS2812B LED + Buzzer
  • 1x JST pig tail
  • 1x 3M double side tape

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