STORM Racing Drone (DIY Kit / Bumper-2)

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Free Upgrade to HGLRC Zeus F728 Stack, T-Motor F15-4500KV Brushless Motor, RunCam Micro Swift 3 Camera & RunCam TX200U Piggyback 5.8Ghz VTX

Enjoy building a racing drone of your own, we've included all the parts you need to built a working drone, including frame, electronics and all the small accessories such as cables, screws, tapes, etc.

Bumper-2 frame features :
  • Micro class (98mm) with 2" prop
  • Designed to use with RumCam Micro Swift 3
  • Durable box-shape - when it hit something it just bounce back and keep flying, if it crashed, just flip it over and fly again, without the downtime for replacing propellers and repairing
  • Excellent handling, very agile and smooth control
  • Fly with 3S LiPo, excellent flight experience
  • Under 250 g, it does not require UAS registration to fly (necessary for pilots in the US)
  • 1.5mm + 1.5mm carbon fiber box-shape frame makes it very durable!
  • Super light setup, all-up-weight 89 g only (no battery)
Storm Spec

There will be no compromise on the Storm Spec, using only the best material, all the components are ready-to-race grade, in fact, every piece are exactly the same that Storm Factory racer is using, expect nothing less from the expert built.

Bumper-2 Storm Spec Features
  • RunCam Micro Swift 3 V2 CCD camera, the smallest and lightest camera with 1/3" CCD sensor like you'll have on 5" FPV racer drones, excellent video for both daylight and low-light environment
  • Built-in BetaFlight OSD tells you the battery voltage on the video feeds, you can configure the OSD options thru BetaFlight configurator directly, it's very easy
  • RunCam TX200U Piggyback 5.8Ghz VTX (25mw / 200mw / Race Band) with U.FL 5.8G 2dB Omni antenna
  • 4000kv brushless motor for 3S LiPo battery, you'll get long flight time and extremely well balanced speed and handling.
  • Powerful Gemfan 2035 4-blade propellers
Storm Spec build kit includes

Wiring diagram (Click to enlarge)

Storm Bumper-2 Frame Specifications
  • Motor to motor : 98mm
  • Top plate : 1.5mm
  • Bottom plate : 1.5mm
  • Airframe weight : 26.5g
  • Motor : Support 1104 or above brushless motor
  • FC mounting : Support 20mm x 20mm
  • Propeller : Support 2" propeller
  • Recommend battery : 3S 350mah to 4S 400mah (* sold separately)
Frame set includes the following

Includes accessories to build the drone

Includes 12pcs Gemfan 2045 4-blade propellers (6xCW + 6xCCW)

Made for RunCam Micro Swift 3 V2
The Micro Swift has the same 1/3" SONY Super HAD II CCD sensor just like the big RunCam, it also has WDR (Wide Dynamic Range) which is a great advantage over the micro FPV cams, enjoy brighter and more contrast image like you'll get from 5" FPV race drone.

Using this build kit you can build the same Storm Bumper-2 that looks like this (* photos for reference only)

Battery and Flight Time Reference (* for reference only)
Cell mAh Discharge Weight Normal Flying Flight Time
3S 350mAH 35C 28.2 g 4:00 ~ 4:30
3S 400mAH 50C 31.1 g 4:00 ~ 4:30
4S (VERY HOT, use on your own risk) 350mAH 35C 36.8 g 4:00 ~ 4:30
4S (VERY HOT, use on your own risk) 400mAH 50C 44.7 g 4:00 ~ 4:30

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