3D Printout Jello Killer Mount for Loki REC series

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Color: Black
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Made for Loki REC series to improve the jello effect when doing 1080p HD recording. Of cause we love 1080p quality and smooth 60fps, but it reveals every single bit of flaw as well, such as jello effect. There are lot of reasons causing jello effect such as battery weight, PID settings, motors and propellers matching... etc. To get rid of the jello effect Storm has developed this mount, simply replace the stock carbon fiber side plates with these 3D printed mount, the pack included all the hardwares you need, get it done in 10 minutes.

Soft or Medium, which to choose?
There is no definite answer, every drone has different resonance point due to motor speed and propeller matching, in general we find that the Soft one is good for 3" and 4" prop, and the Medium is good for 4" or 5" prop, but it MAY NOT be the case for you, as we said before every drone is slightly different.

Upgrades to the Loki REC series
Use them to remove the jello effect when doing 1080p recording. Easy to install, get it done in 10 minutes.

Different color available

  • Weight : 2.2 g each
  • Suitable for : Loki REC series
In the bag
  • 2x 3D printout Jello Killer Mount
  • 4x M3 x 12mm 7057 Aluminum button-head screws
  • 2x 30mm Aluminum textured spacer
  • 4x M2 x 8mm inner-hex screws (for camera)
  • 4x M2 washer

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