STORM Drone 8 GPS Flying Platform (NAZA V2)

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Free Upgrade to JFRC 2306 1800kv brushless motors

Most Affordable and Portable Octocopter Platform for GoPro Camera
Helipal proudly presents - the amazing Storm Drone 8 Bind and Fly Edition

Most multi-rotors on the market are Quads and Hexs, why is that? There are many reasons, Quads and Hexs have their advantage, such as Efficiency, Cost and Portability, that's why you don't see many hobby grade Octocopter out there, either they are too big, too expensive or difficult to make. Luckily, STORM decided to let others to get a taste of Octocopter the easy way - the Storm Drone 8 GPS Flying Platform, and it's has a irrefutable price tag too! =)

Storm Drone 8 GPS Features

Have you heard about the "Jello Effect"? Storm Drone 8 is a Jello Eater!
"Jello Effect" means the high frequency vibration occurred in the video, things are wobbling, this is a common problem for aerial filming, for solution you'll need a drone that has less vibration as possible (which is VERY hard to eliminate all vibration, we'll explain it later), and then add some rubber ball damper between the camera and the drone to isolate the vibration, which should give you a stable video. However, it's very hard to have a drone with zero vibration, why is that? You see when propellers spin, they will generate vibration, no matter how good it was made or how good the balance, the vibration will increase according to the speed of the motor, this will generate Jello Effect on the video, the bigger the propeller the heavier the Jello Effect. For the Storm Drone 8, we find that it delivers a VERY smooth video like no other drones, even with NO Jello Killer on it, why is that? The secret lies on the propulsion system, small 6 x 4.5 propellers and high RPM motors, and there are Eight of them, high RPM motors and light weight propellers generate less vibration then big rotors, and they cleverly cancel each other out, resulting an extremely smooth, vibration free aerial platform.

Storm Drone 8 GPS is Fully Assembled and Tested
All Storm Drone 8 GPS are well assembled by the experienced Storm Drone Team, don't worry about the quality.

Equiped with one of the best controller in the world - NAZA-M V2

    Eight Rotors = Safety
    Storm Drone 8 supports motor failure protection. If a Storm Drone 8 suffers a motor failure in flight in attitude or GPS mode, it will maintain its altitude and rotate around the stopped motor. This allows it to fly safely back to home and land. You can learn more about this feature at the product page of Naza-M V2 ( or here (

    Motor Failure Test on Storm Dorne 8

    Best material
    Although the size is small, Storm Drone 8 doesn’t look like a white plastic toy. It is equipped with carbon fibre body frame. It looks like a PRO and it works likes a PRO.

    Octocopter does not needed to be big, like the Storm Drone 8

    High Performance Motors
    Storm Drone 8 is equipped with JFRC 2306 1800kv high performance motors, very powerful and reliable workhorse for aerial filming.

    Dedicated Battery and Gimbal Mount
    The holes fit for different brand of gimbal, easy installation!

    Storm Drone 8 GPS Flying Platform Specifications :

    • Flight Controller : DJI NAZA V2 GPS System
    • Body weight : 940g (without battery)
    • All-up-weight : 1330g (with 11.1V 5500mah 35C battery)
    • Dimension : 410mm x 410mm x 210mm (without GPS Antenna)
    • Motor : JFRC 2306 1800kv High Power Brushless Motor
    • Propeller : HQ 6 x 4.5 Bullnose (4 X CW and 4 X CCW)
    • Flight time : Up to 15 minutes
      (* Maximum flight time is tested on a breezeless day with all-up-weight 1330g, hovering at a height of 2 meters.)

    Storm Drone 8 - The Mini Aerial Filming Octocopter

    This package includes :
    1. Fully Assembled Storm Drone 8 GPS Flying Platform (w/ NAZA V2 GPS System)
    (* Please note that we will remove the legs for easier transportation, you just need to insert them and secure with two screws)
    2. 8pcs Clockwise Blade Propeller (4 of them are spare parts) (* default is black color but depends on availability, otherwise we'll pick you another color)
    3. 8pcs Counter-Clockwise Blade Propeller (4 of them are spare parts) (* default is black color but depends on availability, otherwise we'll pick you another color)
    4. Battery Strap X 2
    5. Battery Voltage Display


    * Radio System sold separately
    * Battery sold separately
    * Charger sold separately

    How to bind with Radiolink AT9 Transmitter

    Quick Start Guide

    Useful Information :

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