Storm 1/10 Flying Car Platform

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For many of us this RC flying car is a dream come true!

Why we didn't seen a RC flying car like this before?
Many people have tried to build a flying car like this before. However, most of them failed. Some of them have designed a quadcopter with a bodyshell on the bodyframe. However, the result is not as good as expected.

The problem is on the size of the propellers inside the wheels. They are small and they can't offer enough thrust to lift up the bodyshell.

Innovative Aerodynamics Design
STORM team have solved the problem by integrating 2 more big propellers inside the bodyframe to offer much more thrust to lift up the system. The flying platform doesn't hover in the air only but it is optimized for high flying agility.


* Motor : T-Motor F60 PRO IV Motors / T-Motor 1507 Motors
* CPU : STM32F722 RET6
* Software : Betaflight
* LED Decoration on the bottom
* Buzzer (for flying status and battery level) 

 This package includes the followings:
* Pre-assembled 1/10 flying car platform
* User Manual

The following items are NOT Included:
* Bodyshell (this platform supports most 1/10 bodyshell on the market - bodyshell wheelbase:257mm width:190mm)
* Radio Transmitter
* Radio Receiver
* Battery (14.8V 2200mAh 100C Li-Po Battery recommended)
* Charger
Order to build
- It takes about 1 week to build this flying car platform.

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