RCPROPLUS Supra X Brushless Motor Connector (10-12AWG)


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The plastic protector of latest batch came with Red, Yellow, Black color

RCPROPLUS - The High End Accessories for Brushless Motor and ESC
This is a pack of 2 set RCPROPLUS RME Supra X Brushless Motor Wire Connectors. This package includes six male and six female polarized connector housings, as well as six male and six female bullet connectors.

These connectors feature a large, low resistance surface for efficient power transfer, with ‘waves’ built into the housing to help dissipate built up connection point heat. 24K Gold Plated bullet plugs with a recessed wire cavity and solder windows provide hassle free assembly, making these connectors a great solution for the high current and high voltage demands of today brushless motors. Also, when the male and female ends are connected together, they ‘click’, letting you know they’re tightly joined and ready to perform.

- Peak Current : 100A
- Continue Current : 80A
- Applicable wire : 10-12AWG
- 24K Gold Plated 3u"
- Packing : 6M + 6F


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