HQ Prop DP 5 X 4.5 X 3V2 PC Light Pink Triple Propeller (M5 / 2 X CCW + 2 X CW)

HQSKU: HQ-Prop-DP5X4.5X3V2PC-LightPink

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HQ Props are well known in thickness and stiffness to increase performance and push more wind in extreme condition, people like the stable punch-out's.

This is the DP (Durable Propeller) version, designed for aggressive players.

PC material or Nylon material?
PC material is harder, less flexible and less shape change, will give you more thrust but less durability. Nylon is softer and elastic, a bit less thrust but more durability.

- Type : Multi-Rotor
- Material : PC
- Length : 5"
- Pitch : 4.5"
- Weight : 5.4g
- Center hole dia. : M5
- Included : Two CCW propellers and Two CW propellers in a bag

Suitable for : 200 class or above multi-rotors

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