Nine Eagles Galaxy Visitor 3 Drone

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Palm Size Drone is too small? Try this bigger one, it also has Camera on it
Nine Eagles is making good drones now-a-days, this is the Galaxy Visitor 3, futuristic appearance with very light weight and elastic shell and propellers, quite durable in a crash which is good for beginners, built-in One Megapixel Camera (1280 x 720) can record AVI movie and take Pictures (JPG format) on a Micro SD Card. Very easy to fly and extremely stable, thanks to the 6-Axis Gyroscope and the unique Altitude Sensor, you can hands off the controller and it will stays in the same altitude which other drones can't work this good. This is a true RC hobby which use 2.4Ghz frequency transmitter, not those Infra-Red toys which can't work outdoor (because daylight will jam Infra-Red Controllers), this little thing can work both Indoor and Outdoor, great for backyard flying. Press a switch and it will do the recording and taking pictures, this make things interesting.

There are some fancy functions too, like Head Lock mode, which means no matter where the nose is pointing, you still control the drone like you were standing behind it, you will not mess up which way is head, which way is tail, this is a great feature for beginners. And one best function is the "Auto Return Home", just one switch and it will come back to you. To perform this feature you need to study the manual thoroughly, it requires some steps.

Came with a 3.7V 1200mah Li-Po battery, each charge takes 30 minutes, fly for around 7 minutes.

Packed with high tech sensors

6-Axis Gyro, Altitude Sensors and Magnetic Compass, it's seldom to see all these in a drone at this price tag.

There is a One Megapixel Camera on the belly

Remote Control it to take Video(AVI) and Photos (JPG) at 1280 x 720 resolution, recorded into a Micro SD Card.

Thanks to the sensors, it's very stable!

I mean pin point accuracy.

It's Durable, great for beginners!

Light weight and elastic plastic shell makes it a very tough drone, drop it to the ground and it bounce back, just Close the throttle when you are about the crash, it should be able survive and fly again.

Another feature for beginners - Throttle Limits

Beginners tend to have difficulties in Throttle Control, this function make throttle stick input less responsive.

How to start up the Storm Drone 6 GPS

This is a Mini Size Drone

Good for Indoor and Outdoor, great for backyard flying.

Explore the other interesting features

There are lots of fun features on this drone, like "Headlock" mode, "Auto Return Home" and "Altitude Fixed" mode, let's try them.

Nine Eagles Galaxy Visitor 3 Specifications :
  • Main rotor diameter : 5.8" (147mm)
  • Overall width : 6.4" (163mm)
  • Overall length : 6.4" (163mm)
  • Overall height : 3.0" (78mm)
  • All-up-weight : About 5oz (135g)
  • Power system : Φ8.5 coreless motor X 4
  • Battery : 3.7V 1200mAh Li-Po
  • Camera: 1280 x 720
  • Memory Card : Accept up to 32GB

The package includes :
- 1 X Nine Eagles Galaxy Visitor 3 Drone
- 1 X 2.4Ghz Transmitter (requires 4 x AA batteries)
- 1 X 3.7V 1200mah 30C battery
- 1 X Battery Charger
- 1 X Power Supply for Charger (Suitable for your country)
- 1 X Micro SD Card (2GB)
- 1 X USB Card Reader
- 4 pcs of propellers Checks and Calibrates Before Shipping!

Do you know how important is it? Trust me, it is VERY IMPORTANT!

Many online sellers don't check and calibrate their products at all because it requires experienced rc pilots and it is very time consuming as well. team checks & calibrates every helicopters, Battery and Battery Charger to ensure everything is in good condition! Sends You Correct Power Adapter and Frequency!

There are too many types of power adapters in the world. For example, the power adapter for UK cannot be used in USA. We know the standard of your country and we will send you the correct one.

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