Leopard LBP4065-1400KV-4Y Brushless Motor (No Vents)

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What about the Leopard Motors?
Leopard Power Model Ltd. is specialized in making Brushless Motors, they are one of the largest RC brushless motor maker in China, many famous USA / Europe Brushless System, the motors are usually made by them. Recently Leopard wish to create a brand of their own, so they name it the "Leopard Motors". When you want to know how good is the product, you just take a look in their factory, Helipal boss visited their place and saw the manufacturing process, it was amazing! All the materials are expensive stuff, like the Neodym Magnets, Hardened Steel Shafts, Ball Bearings, Aluminum, Electrical Wires, even the Glues..... they are all famous Grade A material, not the cheap stuff that we usually see in China. We have a chat with the Boss of Leopard motors, he said he likes challenge and wish to make something to represent China, and base on this vision, the culture in the factory is very positive, it's always Quality first. This company really know what they are doing, these are the Top End products aim for the most high end market. As we know, you can actually win the RC world championship with this kind of quality. We have total confidence on this product. If you're looking for quality motor, this is the one.

Advantages about the Leopard Motors :
Leopard Motors Other Brands
Outer Casing 6063 Aluminum
6061 Aluminum
Ball Bearings NSK and NMB from Japan
(Max. speed 60,000 rpm)
No Brand
(Max. speed 20,000 rpm)
Silicon Steel Kawasaki from Japan
(Thinner has better performance)
No Brand
Main Shaft 99% Efficient
(Balanced in Zero magnetic field environment)
95% Efficient
(No such environment)
Magnets Neodym
(Max. 210 degrees C)
(Max. 150-180 degrees C)
Wires Pure Copper
(Max. 220 degrees C)
(Max. 180 degrees C)
Connectors Gold and Copper Plated Copper Plated only

Interesting Facts about the Leopard Motor Factory :
1. A famous USA brand called "Castle" is very interested in the "Leopard Motors", so you get some clues about their products....
2. Boss of the Leopard Motors is a friend of the Hobbywing Speed Controllers, they share experience and technical skills.
3. If an employee in the factory has spotted a product with flaws, they'll get reward!
4. Leopard Motors OEM a lot of famous brushless systems.
5. Leopard Motors has 11 years in metal working experience before getting into the hobby industry.

This Motor specifications
You are looking at the Leopard 4-Poles Inrunner LBP4065-1400KV-4Y Brushless Motor.

Features of this motor :
- Latest design, four-pole inrunner rotor, overall efficiency of more than 90%
- Extremely low temperature without additional heat sink, suitable for a lot of use
- Compared with competitos, lighter weight, higher torque
- Using high-quality materials, eg. aluminum alloy shell, magnetic steel, high temperature wire and imported high-quality bearings
- Inner Rotor is reinforced by special materials, very high speed respond
- Effective cooling, high overload capacity
- Low electromagnetic interference
- Minimum maintenance is required
- Very long life span

Model Max
Resistance No-load
Dia. x Length
hole depth
Length of
extended shaft
LBP4065/4Y 60A 35V 2000W 1400KV 0.0177 1.2A Φ39.8 x64.8 7mm 18mm Φ5.0 311g

• Real Size of the Motor

• Rear end of this motor

• Dimension Graph

Suitable for : 1/8 Buggy, 1/10 Truggy

Useful Information :

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