Lantian H-shape WS2812B LED and Buzzer Dual Modes

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H-Shape LED module with eight WS2812B LED and Two VERY loud 5V buzzer on it, best part is that it has a button it, you can use it as normal WS2812B LED module that is controlled by the Flight Controller, or press a button to bypass that and use it as a ordinary LED module with change color button.

How to change color?
  • Option 1 : Connect the DIN port to the FC's LED port, and control the LED array thru BetaFlight.
  • Option 2 : DO NOT connect the DIN, and press the button to change mode and color.
  • DC input : 4.5~5.2V DC
  • Dimension : 36mm x 27mm
  • H-shape, for rear columns with 28mm apart

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