KingKong 1.9 Inch Propeller Guard + 1935 Props Pack

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Install them between motors and the frame (prop guard adds 3mm thickness), included 4pcs of prop guard for 1.9" propellers plus different length of screws, and Two sets of 1935 propellers (total 4CW + 4CCW). Each propeller guard weights 3.3g, that means you'll add 13.5~14g on your 1.9" drone.

In the bag :
  • 4x prop guard (max. 1.9")
  • 16x M2 x 7mm screws (for 2mm frames)
  • 8x M2 x 6mm screws (for propellers mounting)
  • 8x 1935 propellers (4CW + 4CCW)
* Becareful of motor screws length, the included motors screws are 7mm which is suitable for 2mm~2.5mm frame, the prop guard is 3mm thick, and usually 1103~1106 motor requires 1.5 to 2mm to secure. DO NOT use 7mm motor screws if you have a 1mm~1.5mm frame. Sometimes you may need to sand paper the prop buard base to make it thinner for the suitable motor screws, it depends.

Designed for : 1.9" Propellers

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