"Jello Killer" D4-Mini Vibration Free Camera Mount Base

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This is a "Must have" item if you are doing Aerial Filming
This is the D4 Mini Vibration Free Platform, made with 2mm thick 3K Carbon Fiber plate, there are 4 rubber damper balls at each corner, specifically made to work with GoPro weight. It can eliminate 95% of the water wave effect (or Jello effect) in the video footage compare with directly mounting onto the drone. We put this platform on a DJI Phantom without balancing the rotors and the result is stunning, it makes a HUGE difference!! We recommend this product to all aerial filming makers.

Video demonstration on the platform

Look into the small objects, you can see how clear they are. (We did not balance the rotors at all, just Out of Box spec)

- Dimension : 80mm x 75mm
- Weight : 20g

Designed for : DJI Phantom 1 (NOT Phantom 2) / Storm Drone

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