iFlight WS2812B LED Strip (6x LEDs / 4pcs)

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This light strip is using standard WS2812B LED, works great with BetaFlight. Each LED strip is working separatly (working in parallel), that means you solder all four strips's signal cable to the LED control port on the flight controller, then on the BetaFlight software, consider 4 strips as 1 strip, that means you are controlling 6 LED bulbs only.

  • LED : 6x WS2812B LED bulb per strip
  • Input voltage : 5-17V (2-6S)
  • Connetor : MOLEX 1mm (working in parallel)
  • Dimension : 61mm x 7mm x 4mm
  • Weight : 1.6g each
In the pack
  • 4x WS2812B LED strip
  • 4x heat shrink tube
  • 4x connector cable

* Make sure all LED wiring is completed before you power on Flight Controller, otherwise the LED may act carzy.

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