Hyperion Six-port parallel charge adapter for 1S LiPo (UMX)

HyperionSKU: Hyperion-Acc-HP-LGUM6PADAP

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Fits compatible battery brands also, such as the Hyperion CX130-UM, CX160-UM and CX120-180-240mAh 1S "M" types. Includes gold 4mm connectors to charger output, as pictured. Use the Balance & Charge cable for 1S (HP-LGUM1SBALAD-7) in combination with this adaptor plate for accurate & precise balance charging of 1S packs with UMX connector.

Input connector: 4mm Bullet
Output connector: Micro UMX x 6

Package Includes:
1 x Six-port parallel charge adapter for 1S LiPo (UMX)

Suitable for:For Hyperion 7S per port chargers, all NET3 chargers and SuperDUO3

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