Hobbywing Xrotor Micro 40A 6S 4in1 ESC

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Highly Integrated & Compact
XRotor Micro 40A 4in1 ESC features 32bit MCU and 3rd-generation BLHeli-32 firmware, handles 6S up to 40A per channel. The built-in voltameter module which allows FC to monitor the battery volt & amp in real time. With this 20x20 ESC makes your electronic stack smaller and be able to shave some grams.

High Quality Hardware
High performance 32bit ARM MCU can run at 48MHz. 3IN 1 IC drive. Imported mosfet and ceramic capacitor. 3 ounces of copper, 8 layers. Greatly reduce heat. More efficient.

BLHeli-32 Firmware Ready
The ESC flashed with the 3rd-generation BLHeli-32 firmware has great performance & rich functions and supports adjusting parameters or upgrading firmware via different ways (i.e. via throttle signal wire with using other development board or a FC flashed with the Cleanfight/Betaflight firmware).

Unique soft mount
The soft mounts prevent vibrations from being transferred to the FC. Soft wiring and welder pads for the best possible connection.

DShot1200 Ready
Besides the regular PWM mode, Oneshot125/Oneshot42/Multishot modes, DShot150/300/600 modes, the latest DShot1200 mode is also supported. In DShot1200 mode, the ESC has great anti-interference performance and rapid response.

Hardware Generated PWM & Damped Light ModeThe ESC firmware uses hardware generated motor pwm for smooth throttle response and silent operation. Damped light does regenerative breaking, causing very fast motor retardation, and it inherently also does active freewheeling.

Specifications :

  • Cont./Peak Current : 40Ax4/ 60Ax4
  • Input Voltage :  3-6S Lipo
  • BEC output : NO
  • Input Wires : Red-14AWG-100mm/ Black-14AWG-100mm
  • Output Wires : No wires but solder tabs
  • Input Connectors : XT60 plug enclosed with package
  • Output Connectors : No
  • Firmware : Hobbywing_XRotor_BLHeli-32 Version
  • ESC Programming : BLHeliSuite32
  • Stick Programming : Supported
  • DEO : Supported
  • Throttle Range Calibration : Supported
  • Oneshot125 Mode : Supported
  • Oneshot42 Mode : Supported
  • MultiShot Mode : Supported
  • DShot150/300/600/1200 : Supported
  • Timing : Supported
  • Motor Rotation : Supported
  • Size : 40x33x5mm
  • Weight : 12g

(Note: All the wire length above is the original length not the length you see from the outside.)

Package Included:
1 x XRotor Micro 40A 4IN1 BL32 DShot1200 ESC

Suitable for: 100-300mm FPVs

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