Hobbywing UBEC Module (2S-3S In / 5V8A Out)

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Why do you need a BEC?
A BEC(Battery Eliminator Circuit) is a device that put between your battery and your receiver, it changes high voltage battery (7.4V-11.1V, 2-3 Cells Li-Po) to safe voltage (5V or 6V) for your receiver, gyro or servos. This 8A BEC is best used on nitro powered RC Helicopter (.30 class or above) or big fixed-wong aircraft.

Switch Mode BEC have much better efficiency than Linear Mode BEC, so you get less overheat problem and longer battery play time.

- Advanced Switch Mode DC-DC regulator IC, much better efficiency that Linear Mode BEC
- Output current is very large, up to 8A continuous and burst output 15A
- Output short-circuit protection function
- Metal shield covers almost all the electronics, and a ferrite ring to minimize electromagnetic interference
- Auto detect numbers of battery cell
- LED light showing working mode
- 2 Output leads to reduce the resistance when connecting the BEC to receiver
- Got a On / OFF Switch, so convenient
- Able to step down from 6V to 5.3V
- Only work for Li-Po battery, don't try NiCd or NiMH
- It got English manual

Output : 5V/5A and 6V/5A switchable
Continuous output current : 8A
Burst output current : 15A
Input : 6V-12.6V (2 to 3 cells Li-Po battery pack)
Quiescent current : 20mA
Size : 42mm x 39mm x 9mm (L X W X H)
Weight : 38g

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