HGLRC SP Racing F3 V4 Flight Controller 3-in-1

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Antenna connector: RP-SMA female (pin inside)
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Combining Flight Controller, OSD, PDB (w/ both 5V and 12V UBEC), Current Sensor and VTX together, this is the board we want!
Base on the SP Racing F3 design, HGLRC re-assigned the wiring and combining the OSD module, VTX (adjustable 25 / 200 / 600mw) Power Distribution Board into one board, no more messy wiring, support up to 6 ESCs, that means it works for both Quadcopter and Hexactoper. You just need to connect ESC, Camera and RC receiver to it and you have yourself a world class FPV racer.

Built-in both 5V and 12V UBEC and Current Sensor, compatible with 2S to 6S main battery input, 4 layers of PCBA allows large current.

  • Target : SP Racing F3
  • Dimension : 56 x 36mm
  • Weight : 13.6g
What you'll need to built your FPV racer (Quad)
  • 4 X Motors
  • 4 X ESC
  • 1 X RC Receiver
  • 1 X FPV Camera
  • 1 X FPV Antenna for the VTX
  • LED Lights
  • Propellers
  • Small cables
Combine the bulky components into one board

Top wiring diagram (Click to enlarge)

The other side wiring diagram (Click to enlarge)

VTX Frequency Chart

OSD module is already configured, no need to do yourself

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