GemFan WinDancer 5042-3 Durable Propeller (Blue / CCW + CW)

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Made with PC material, factory call this WinDancer series durable blade.

Specially made to match with GemFan GT2205-2650kv brushless motor (or similar spec), Using avanced 3D modeling software for the design job, based on iterative analysus on prop surface pressure, speed rate, lift, dragm tirque airforil camber thickness and 2D airfoil design, this propeller is perfectly matched with adaptive motors. This WinDancer propeller has ooutstanding efficiency and control, fast respond in cornering, it's great for both FPV and freestyle use. Fully optimized with GemFan GT2206-2650kv motor (* or similar spec), to reach the best lift-drtag ratio and give you the ultimate experience of freestyle.

- Type : Multi-Rotor
- Length : 5"
- Pitch : 4.2"
- Weight : 4.3 g
- Mounting hole : M5
- Included : 2pcs CW and 2pcs CCW in a bag

Displaying different color, photo for reference only

Suitable for : 200 class or above multi-rotors.

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