GemFan Flash 5149-3 Tri-Blade Propellers ( Clear Purple / 2 x CCW + 2 x CW )

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The standout feature of this prop is the adaption to POPO system. The hub of these props has three dimples for POPO motors to socket into, giving you the ability to change props on the fly with POPO compatible motors without having to change a prop nut.

They are super durable and maintain form at high RPM which helps with high-speed maneuvers and punchouts.

Size: 5.1"
Pitch: 4.9"
Material: PC
Blades: 3
Weight: 4.65g
Mounting hole: 5mm
Center Hub Thickness: 7mm
POPO Compatible: Yes

2x CW 5149 Propellers
2x CCW 5149 Propellers

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