Extended Handle for Feiyu Handheld Stabilizer

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Sometimes you need an Extender for the Handheld Stabilizer - Here is the "Professional" way to do it
If you own a Feiyu Handheld Stabilizer, you know how great it is, you'll never use the GoPro without gimbal anymore. Sometimes we need some gadget for the gimbal, for example we want to do selfie with the gimbal but how do we do it? Well... tie it on a boom.... but is there a better way? That's why we need this Storm Extended Handle, it is a 366mm carbon fiber tube with a ON / OFF switch for the Feiyu Gimbal, simply replace the old switch with the new one and screw the carbon tube into the switch, then you can do a Professional Selfie!

There are 3 handles connected together in this video. We have also installed a smartphone mount for preview the video.

Interesting thing about this handle, you can add more boom and make it longer like few meters long and act as a crane to do some high angle shots.

This package includes :
1. ☑ 1 X 366mm Extended Tube made with Carbon Fiber and CNC Aluminum
2. ☑ 1 X ON / OFF Switch

Suitable for : • Feiyu G3 / G4 / G4 QD Handheld Stabilizer for GoPro (2-Axis and 3-Axis also ok)

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