Emax MT2212 V2 Cooling Motor Combo (900kv / CW)

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The MT V2 motors has redesigned the motor base and the shell, it's now lighter weight and better cooling and leads to better efficiency.

Special Notice
Emax has two different MT2212 V2 motors, the Red one has CW threads (Counter-Clockwise spinning motor) and the Black one has CCW threads (Clockwise spinning motor), that means you need Two Red and Two Black on a drone.

Include 1 pair of 1045 propellers (CW + CCW direction)

- Threads : CW (for counter-clockwise motor)
- KV : 900kv
- Poles : 14
- No. of Li-Po cell : 3~4S
- Motor Dimensions(Dia.*Len) : Φ27.9 x38.7mm
- Shaft Dia. M6
- Weight : 50g
- Mounting Hole : M3 screws / 16mm x 19mm
- Recommended Propeller Size : 8~10 inch
- Recommended ESC : 20A or above

This package includes :
1. ☑ 1 X EMax MT2212II-900KV Motor w/ Red Motor Cap
2. ☑ 1 pair of 1045 propeller
3. ☑ 8 X Mounting Screws

Suitable for : 300g~400g per axis multi-rotors

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