Emax MT2206 Mini Motor (1500kv / CW)

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Specially made for mini Drones for aggressive and speed flying
A very small but very powerful brushless motor, specially designed for 6~8 inch propeller (Dual-Blade or Tri-Blade), good balance between torque and speed.

Special Notice
Emax has two different MT2206-1500kv motors, the Silver one has CW threads (Counter-Clockwise spinning motor) and the Black one has CCW threads (Clockwise spinning motor), that means you need Two Silver and Two Black on a drone.

- Threads : CW (for Counter-Clockwise Motor) - KV : 1500kv
- Poles : 14
- No. of Li-Po cell : 2~3S
- Motor Dimensions(Dia.*Len) : Φ27.9 x34.2mm
- Shaft Dia. M5
- Weight : 32g
- Mounting Hole : M3 screws / 16mm x 19mm
- Recommended Propeller Size : 6~8 inch (Dual-Blade or Tri-Blade)
- Recommended ESC : 12~15A

This package includes :
1. ☑ 1 X EMax MT2206-1500KV Motor w/ Silver Motor Cap
2. ☑ 1 X Hex Wrench
3. ☑ 8 X Mounting Screws

Suitable for : 250 class or above multi-rotors

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