GemFan 2035BN 4-Blade Propellers (Clear Blue / CCW + CW)

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Beautifully made translucent 4-blade propellers by GemFan, compatible with 1.5mm motor shaft or M2 screws two-hole mounting.

- Type : Micro Class Multi-Rotor
- Length : 2"
- Pitch : 3.5"
- Weight : 0.7 g
- Mounting hole : 1.5mm Motor Shaft or T-type mount, Two Holes (eye to eye 5mm)
- Hub : 5mm
- Included : 2pcs CW and 2pcs CCW in a bag

2 inch 4-blade propellers perfect for micro class FPV racer (* displaying different color, photo for reference only)

Hub thickness is 5mm, you will need M2 x 7mm screws to install them on 1103~1105 brushless motors, REMEMBER to get them when you purchase these propellers.

Suitable for : 70 ~ 110 micro class multi-rotors.

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