Carrying case for Racing Drone (Small)

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The Capsule for your Racing Drone
Made with ABS material, extremely tough to survive all kinds of environment, same production standard that people use for carrying expensive equipment, proved for shock, dust and water resistant, we use this to carry our Racing Drone to the field - with style!

This box is SUPER strong, even with a guy standing on it, nothing happened, fine with few feet drop, the content inside remains intact, thanks to the soft foam liner, they wrap the drone and transmitter pretty well, and get spare room to store the charger and accessories. This box gets everything protected and stored so well, every time you fly the drone just grab this box and go, doesn't matter if you throw it, splash it or even step on it, the drone inside is still like a sleeping baby, now that's what a protection box should do.

High Strength ABS Plastic, for storing expensive equipment.

Grab and go
The box can hold a Racing Drone (250 class) and room for spare batteries and propellers.

Pick ""N"" Pluck Foam

Specifications :
- Material : High Strength ABS Plastic
- Outer Dimension : 39cm x 31cm x 12cm
- Inner Dimension : 37cm x 25cm x 11m
- Weight : 1.8kg

Suitable for : Racing Drone (250 class) with some batteries and accessories

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