HML85M01 850MX Brushless Motor(540KV)

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Specification Drawing :

Wiring Schematic Drawing :


Features :
- To meet the power and torque requirements of enthusiasts, the high output 850MX motor was born in Align’s R&D lab. With dramatic increase in torque and power output, capable of 5330 watts continuous power output and 110000 watts of burst power!
- Inherit from the previous 800MXs feature, high efficiency, superior power, excellent torque, low current draw and low temperature. It’s capable of maintaining much more consistent torque and head speed through continuous 3D maneuvers, which is particularly special design for 3D flights.
- 850MX motor incorporates radial fan in its end bell, creating powerful airflow to dissipate heat. Tweaks to motor design and reduction in weight not only contributes to dramatic power increase, the high efficiency cooling system enables cooler operating temperature during and after flights when compared to motor of previous generation.
- The 850MX motor armature are dynamically balanced to eliminate typical imbalance found in other outrunner motors.
- Maintenance free high torque high efficiency stable, and low noise.
- High-speed ball bearings, powerful magnetic outrunner rotor.
- Suitable for T-REX 700E series helicopters and other 700 level models.

For more detailed information, please refer to the Power Tip

Instruction for setting the ICE2 HV 160 governor mode with 850MX

Effective immediately, the Align MX series motors have 50% off Lifetime service where your old motor can be exchanged for 50% off the retail pricing of a new equal spec motor. If needed, please contact to Align authorized distributors .

Specification :
- Input Voltage:12S
- Max Continuous Current: 120A/250A(2sec)
- Max Output Power:5330W/11000W(2sec)
- KV Value: 540KV
- Stator Arms: 12
- Magnet Poles: 10
- Dimension: Spindle 6x56.7x112.5mm
- Weight: 570g

Includes :
- Socket screw(M4x10)X4
- Washer(Φ4xΦ10x1)X4
- 4mm gilt terminal x 3

Designed for : Trex 700E series helicopters and other 700 level models

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