M425022XXT 2205 Motor Upgrade Set

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- Suitable for MR25 / MR25P
- Must use with 2205 Motor Cover(M425020XXW) and 2205 Motor LED Mounts Board(M425021XXW)
- Brand new Align BL1806-2300kv multirotor race motor, based on Align's legendary motor core technology, featuring high torque, high speed, high efficiency, low power consumption, and low temperature.

- Input Voltage: 4S
- Max Continuous Current(3 min): 16.3A
- Max continuous Power(3 min): 240W
- KV Value: 2300KV
- Stator Arms: 12
- Magnet Poles: 14
- Dimension/Weight: Φ5xΦ28x25.7mm / 25.7g

Warning: Must use Align 5045 propellers with 2205 motor, and prohibit from using 6 inch propellers.

Designed for : Align MR25 / MR25P

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