AIRY Harden Blade II (AX-02)

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Much stronger and durable than stock blades - AX-02 Harden Blade
AIRY Harden Blade II (AX-02) is definitely the best upgrade for your helicopter. This pack has Four pieces of blades, with same direction, the means you have Two pairs per pack. It is:

  • Extremely Tough ( 300% stronger than stock blade )
  • Elasticity ( better protection for blade clamp, shaft, gear and motor )
  • Light Weight ( do not affect performance )
  • Easy to install ( no modification required )

  • AIRY Harden Blade Family

    AIRY Harden Blades are available in 3 sizes. They are AX-02 (X-Small), AX-03 (Small), AX-05 (Middle), AX-07 (Large) and AX-09 (X-Large). They are designed for different coaxial helicopters. Please select AIRY Harden Blade according to the model of your helicopter.

    AX-02 is suitable for:
  • Walkera 4#6
  • Walkera 4#6S
  • Walkera 4#6 Bell
  • Walkera V120D01

  • AX-03 is suitable for:
  • ESky Lama V3
  • ESky Lama V4
  • ESky A300
  • ESky Douphin
  • ESky Hunter
  • Walkera 5#10
  • Walkera 5#4
  • Walkera 5G4

  • AIRY Harden Blade II (AX-05):
  • Walkera CB180Z - (Only Lower Blade fits)
  • Walkera 38#
  • Walkera 5G4Q3
  • Walkera V200D01

  • AX-07 is suitable for:
  • Walkera 53#1
  • Walkera 53#8
  • Walkera 53Q
  • Walkera 53Q3
  • Walkera 53QD
  • Walkera CB180Q - (Only Lower Blade fits)
  • Walkera CB180D - (Only Lower Blade fits)
  • Walkera CB180LM - (Only Lower Blade fits)
  • Walkera V200D02 - (Only Lower Blade fits)
  • ESKY Big Lama
  • ESKY E500

  • AX-09 is suitable for:
  • Walkera Lama 400
  • Walkera Lama 400D
  • Walkera 4# - (Only Lower Blade fits)
  • Walkera UFLYS - (Only Lower Blade fits)
  • Walkera V370D01 - (Only Lower Blade fits)
  • ESKY Honey Bee V1/V2

  • What is the material of AIRY Harden Blade II?
    We tested dozens of raw material, spent about 3 months in the Lab (It's True!), and developed a mixture that combines the strength and rigidity of the acrylonitrile and styrene polymers with the toughness of the polybutadiene rubber. The most important mechanical properties of STORM material is toughness and impact resistance.


    Listen to real users.

    AIRY Harden Blade II is an improved version of the well-known Harden Blade. The material of Harden Blade II is better than the previous version. Let's listen to the comments for harden blade:

    Oogilily ,'They are definetely tougher than stock blades. They won't shatter like them (stock blade)...'

    dude 109 ,'I've got Harden on mine for a month now and I'll vouch for them not being brittle like stock...'

    Maximal ,'here's a pic of my current set of harden blades-- those nicks you can see equal at least 10 stock blades that would have been destroyed!....'

    Drew816 ,'the Hardens are a 'harder material' and will take abuse in a situation where Stockers will crack and come flying apart. Mine Harden's look like maximal's above as well, dinged leading edges and they're still flying; if I'd be using stockers I'd have gone through more sets then I could count at this stage.

    aRIf ,'Yes I have the same white blades from Hong Kong and they're along stronger than stock blades. All the accident I had last couple days, they'd not survive with stock blades.

    WGhen ,'Same here. I've been using Harden blades for about a month. Some minor dings, no breakage. They've absored abuses that the stockers would not have.

    (Please refer to for details)

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