3D Printout Soft Motor Mount (22XX size / 2mm thick / Soft TPU)

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Absorb motor's vibration, improving FC performance
Soft TPU motor mount for 22XX size motors, 2mm thick, compatible with 16mm x 19mm mounting pattern, this TPU mount is sandwiched between the arm and the motor.

Depending on your arm thickness, you might need to use longer screws. We recommend 2mm of screw depth into the motor (* be carefully, some motors have very little tolerance for exceeding that before hitting motor windings). For example, if you have a 4mm arm you'll need 8mm screw (4mm arm + 2mm motor threads + 2mm TPU motor mount), becareful NOT to hit the motor windings.

  • Material : Soft TPU
  • Weight : 0.7g each
  • Suitable for : 22XX size motors

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