5.8Ghz Mushroom Antenna (RP-SMA male / Angled)

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Greatly Increase Range and All Direction Reception
Made with fine copper rod, processed with circular polarization which is proven very helpful in the field of FPV system. It is a 3 Leaf antenna on the Transmitter side and 4 Leaf on the receiver side.

The 3 Leaf Tx side splits at 120 degrees and the 4 Leaf Rx side splits at 90 degrees, don't put them on the wrong side! Both are designed to cover full 360 degrees, so you don't get any blind spot in the sky. Although they look a bit strange, but the clover leaf design really solve problems like we have on old TVs, like color shift and double vision... if you were using the ordinary black antenna and having those problems, try this Clover Leaf, it makes a huge difference! Besides, this design increase efficiency of the system, you will get longer range than those single antennas.

- Dimension : 35mm (l) x 35mm (w) x 18mm (h)
- Total Length : 95mm
- Transmitter side : Three Leaves inside the shell
- Receiver side : Four Leaves inside the shell
- Gain : 1.2dbi (it may look small, but because it's efficient, it perform as good as those 10dbi antenna)
- Coverage : 360 degrees
- Polarization : Circular
- Weight : 12g each

Make sure your FPV device has Male Receptacles...
This antenna is Female Receptacle, if your FPV device is also Female Receptacle, you have two ways to resolve this, either you use a Male to Male Receptacle adapter, or simply change the antenna.

Designed for : 5.8Ghz FPV System

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